Contract Vote – Don’t Miss The Vote

Contract Negotiations have concluded, and your Negotiating Committee is busy putting the proposal and summary together for you to see. As soon as it is ready, it will be posted on CONTRACT2014.IAM2003.ORG. Now, it’s up to you. Your Negotiating Committee worked hard to negotiate the contract according to the priorities of our membership, that you […]

Update Day Eighteen

Contract Update – Day Eighteen

The GNC would like to thank our Sisters and Brothers on the L-3 Contract for their support and standing UNITED with us in SOLIDARITY! Today there was significant movement and improvement from where the Company started nearly a month ago. The GNC will continue working with the Company in the morning to finalize their LAST, […]

Conttract Update – Day Seventeen

We met with the company a few times today. We are working into the night on counter-proposals, doing everything we can to get the best proposal possible. We can’t thank you enough for the support you showed today at the lunchtime rally/cookout. It was a great turnout, and the burgers and dogs provided by the […]

Contract 2014 Rally

Contract Update – Day Sixteen

We received the company’s full contract proposal today. We are posting tonight what the company didn’t give us last Friday. The company has proposed the possibility of a four or five-year agreement. The proposal they gave us includes economics for a five-year agreement. Your Negotiating Committee told the company we would not be interested in […]

Contract Update – Day Fifteen

When is an Economic Proposal NOT an Economic Proposal? As you know, your Negotiating Committee gave the company your Opening Economic Proposal this past MONDAY. Since then, we’ve been trying to finish up on non-economic issues, and have made quite a bit of progress. Yesterday, they told us they would give us their first economic […]

Contract Update - Day Fifteen